College Counseling Services

Some students need a guide along the entire pathway to college. Others just need some direction at strategic spots along the way. We offer three levels of service to meet the needs of all students and parents:

  • Comprehensive : Complete and ongoing support to guide you through the entire college selection and application process, from planning for college to final selection
  • Limited Packages : Rely on us for help with selected projects such as building a college list or organizing and writing applications
  • Hourly Consulting services : for specific tasks such as essay or resume development or preparation for campus visits and interviews

Free First Consultation

Our personal approach to college counseling is based upon a foundation of comfort and trust. We offer a COMPLIMENTARY initial consultation with students and parents so we can all get a sense for how we might work together and discuss the best approach for you.


I honestly believe that I would not have gotten into my top school without Carolyn’s help.  No one was as devoted to my success as she was! I think the number one thing that Carolyn helped me so much with was staying on track with my essays and helping me manage my time.  I definitely would not have had such an amazing personal statement without your help! You also really showed me colleges that were a perfect fit for me, and helped me to research them much more extensively than I would have on my own. 

Molly from Byfield, Massachusetts


- Molly (Byfield, MA)