Starting Out

Starting on the Pathway to College


Planning for College

We work with students early on in high school to position them for a rewarding college application experience. We help students strategically plan appropriately challenging coursework and extracurricular, internship, employment and summer opportunities that reinforce their intrinsic passions, strengths and interests.



The best college fit depends not only on academics, but also upon a student’s personality, interests and dreams. That’s why we begin the journey by getting to know the student.  Through the administration of formal, carefully designed assessment tools, as well as informal, in-depth meetings with students and parents, we identify a student’s unique set of talents and interests, needs and goals. 

Based upon their unique profiles, we help students develop their priorities for college selection including courses of study, educational philosophies, location, size, extracurricular and athletic opportunities, campus culture and many other factors. 


Step 1: Planning for College

  • Assist in planning an appropriately rigorous high school curriculum
  • Recommend meaningful extracurricular and summer activities and employment to complement the student’s high school record
  • Provide direction regarding standardized testing options and optimal testing schedules
  • Identify student’s talents, interests, needs & goals