Selecting Colleges

We work with students to compile a customized, balanced list of safety, target and reach colleges that are uniquely suited to him or her--colleges where the student can explore interests, cultivate skills and reach his or her potential. We draw upon our in-depth knowledge of the academic strengths, curriculum, campus culture and extracurricular opportunities at specific colleges, as well as research and analysis, to develop this list.

The college selections are designed to:

  • Appropriately challenge, but not overwhelm, the student
  • Value the student’s unique perspective, inspire his/her thoughts and interests and help him/her acquire and develop the skills needed for future achievement
  • Offer programs supporting the student’s academic objectives
  • Provide an educational environment that is best suited to the student
  • Present a campus culture that is welcoming and comfortable for the student

Step 2: Identifying “Best Fit” Colleges

  • Develop priorities for college selection
  • Establish realistic goals and expectations
  • Offer programs supporting the student’s academic objectives
  • Compile balanced list of “best fit” colleges based upon the student’s unique strengths and accomplishments, interests, goals, educational priorities and financial considerations
  • Provide in-depth information on each school recommended for consideration
  • Provide instruction on how to research schools and analyze relevant information