Max New Rochelle,NY

We hired Carolyn Cohen of Pathways for College to help us mitigate the challenges of getting our high school senior to get on track and get his college applications going.  The college application process can be daunting for both parent and child and Carolyn comes in and takes away the stress of that.  We found we were able to hand our child off to Carolyn and she could deal with all the issues he was giving us push back on, i.e. writing of the college essay.  Carolyn is attentive, efficient, caring, optimistic  and extremely helpful.  She is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of the college process and helps guide you with all details that you  did not know even existed.  Carolyn helped our son Max stay on track, meet deadlines and successfully guided him with developing a list of schools that would fit his academic and social needs.  We highly recommend Carolyn as she will make the process easy.  Our son got into the school of his first choice, early action no less. 

Ellen from New Rochelle, New York