• Staying On Top of Trends

    Carolyn divides her time between working with students, building relationships with colleges and universities, and keeping a finger on the pulse of college admissions.

    • Regularly attends college conferences with admissions professionals
    • Visits numerous college campuses throughout the year
    • Researches colleges and meets with admissions professionals regularly to keep abreast of admission trends and developments
    • Attends professional development seminars
    • Maintains connections to other professionals in the field through her memberships in IECA, NACAC, and HECA.
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    We hired Carolyn Cohen of Pathways for College to help us mitigate ..

Finding The Right Fit

Too many students look to external sources to identify which colleges are " good ". With over 4,000 U.S. colleges and universities to choose from, anxious and stressed out students and their families turn to third-party rankings, selectivity ratings, internet reviews and hearsay from friends and family in order to identify the right colleges to apply to.

At Pathways for College, we believe that the starting point is your son or daughter. We create a safe and nurturing environment from which your child can explore their unique needs, goals and interests and discover their priorities. Carolyn spends the time to really get to know your child and learn about their need for  small classes, a balance of social and academic life, research, athletic  or internship opportunities, a first- rate frisbeee club and so much more. A cornerstone of her practice is to help each student determine the right academic and cultural environment unique to their learning style to maximize the chances of a successful college experience. Based upon her in-depth knowledge of  hundreds of colleges and universities, she develops a balanced college list and provides extensive imformation about  the features of each school that meet the student's needs.

Carolyn is committed to helping students from all over the country find colleges that are the right fit and where they will thrive.Transferring from one college to another is disruptive and expensive. At Pathways for College, every path is personal and we are dedicated to helping your child get it right the first time.