College Applications

We have two goals with respect to applications. First, to help students develop applications that stand out. Second, to remove the stress of the application process by developing a customized, focused, and manageable action plan to meet application deadlines.

Once a school list is compiled, we provide one-on-one assistance with every component of the application process. The components should fit together to create a clear picture of each student, highlighting their unique strengths, interests and accomplishments and defining what distinguishes them from others in the applicant pool. We address:

Academic Record

Letters of Recommendation

Standardized Test Scores


Activity Resume

Academic Support Services

Personal Statement/ Supplemental Essays

Athletic Considerations

Financial Aid Considerations

Portfolio Submissions


Step 4: Applying to College

  • Assess early application options

  • Create an attainable timetable to meet application deadlines

  • Provide support to help students stay organized and on track

  • Guide the selection of essay topics that resonate with the student and highlight his/her unique strengths and abilities

  • Offer continuous feedback on essay revisions

  • Develop and critique activity resumes that highlight strengths and accomplishments

  • Provide guidance on selecting teachers to write recommendations

  • Review and critique all application material to ensure that it is organized, well-written and highlights the student’s unique strengths and abilities

  • Guide families through the financial aid process, including providing strategies to maximize the possibility of receiving financial aid