Beth New York,NY

 "Hiring a college counselor for our daughter was not an easy decision.  But we did it  so that we wouldn't spend the next few months battling with our daughter to complete the applications and fulfill other college requirements.  Life with a teenager was hard enough without that added stress.  Carolyn Cohen was an indispensable ally to our family throughout the college-admission process. Her knowledge, expertise and personalized attention on all matters relating to applying to college was a huge help to us, and played no small part in our daughter being accepted early decision to her first choice.  Her patience while my daughter procrastinated was incredible. We were more than thankful that this was one battle we didn't have to fight.  Carolyn handled our daughter in a calm, kind and efficient manner.  She did not put undue stress on her but was consistently keeping in touch and making sure our daughter met the appropriate deadlines. Our daughter’s essays were beautiful.  You knew when you read them that the thoughts and ideas were that of a17 year old- not ones that came from an adult. Carolyn empowered my daughter to identify essay topics that revealed her unique strengths and talents and also encouraged her to successfully execute the essays in her own voice”.    

On top of all of the above - Carolyn managed to keep us posted on all that was going on.  Thank you Carolyn"


Beth from New Rochelle, New York